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Uwazi is a web-based tool designed for managing your data in one easy-to-search place. This open-source database application allows you to capture, organise and make sense of a set of facts, observations, testimonies, research, documents and more.

The entries in an Uwazi database can be made publicly available, completely private or somewhere in between. Different file types? Don’t worry—Uwazi accepts many formats, including pieces of text, PDFs, word processing documents, photos, images, video and audio.

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What can Uwazi be used for?

Uwazi can be configured for a number of purposes

Uwazi can be configured for a number of purposes, including, but in no way limited to:

Including, but in no way limited to:

  • Preserving evidence related to an ongoing situation
  • Managing complaints or cases for strategic litigation
  • Compiling libraries of law, jurisprudence, reports or academic works
  • Investigating a trove of public-interest documents
  • Building an archive of files that preserves collective memory
  • Monitoring and recording progress around policy implementation
  • Collecting and sharing open-access educational resources
  • Showcasing digitised art pieces or museum objects
  • Cataloguing a collection of campaign or advocacy materials

See how others are using Uwazi

Have a look at how human rights defenders, journalists, academics, lawyers, activists and researchers are using Uwazi for document management, case and complaints management and documenting violations.

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What can you do with Uwazi?

Add and edit information easily

Upload information and materials to your collection one at a time or in bulk. Once added, you can easily edit, or choose to upload more.

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Organise information precisely

Categorise information, cross-reference documents and define relationships between records—all in a user-friendly way.

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Find information quickly

Search for information across the entire collection or within a specific record. Mix and match filters to narrow down your results.

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Take information with you

Export information in CSV format to take advantage of outside tools, such as spreadsheets, data analysis and visualization services.

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Work across multiple languages

Translate both the interface of Uwazi itself as well as all of the records within your collection into one or more languages.

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Visualise information

Browse records as cards, in a table or on a map. View records, including documents, without having to download anything.

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Collaborate effectively

Assign different permissions to different team members, as well as gather information from outside your team with submission forms.

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Keep information safe

Protect your collection with two-factor authentication and monitor any changes made through an activity log.

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