With support from HURIDOCS, TJWG and its partners have launched an open archive of arbitrary detention, abduction and enforced disappearance cases since the 1950s.


About the database

Footprints is an open archive of cases of arbitrary detention, abduction and enforced disappearances committed in and by North Korea since the 1950s. It was developed by the Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) with support from HURIDOCS.

The database contains entries for tens of thousands, which include basic personal information,locations of where the victims were last seen, where they disappeared or were abducted, and where they are detained, perpetrator, related photos, news articles and reports, and video testimonies of family members.

Footprints also compiles reports on the human rights situation in North Korea, as well as relevant legal proceedings, policy recommendations and treaties.

The database is available in English, Korean and Japanese.


North Korea



Collection type:

    • Document management
    • Documenting violations

Partner organisation

Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG)


Data-driven advocacy is a far more effective method than old-school diplomacy as it is based on objective, verifiable facts.

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