Justice Watch Archive

The Committee for Justice has launched an online database documenting human rights violations that occur inside Egypt's justice system.


About the database

Justice Watch Archive documents violations of due process and deaths that occur in prisons and detention centres in Egypt. It was created by the Committee for Justice (CFJ) with technical support from HURIDOCS.

The database contains entries for more than 1,200 unfair trial victims and more than 1,000 people who have died in custody. It is available in English and Arabic.

This online tool enables human rights defenders and the international community to access, analyse and expose human rights abuses such as denial of medical care, poor detention conditions and the loss of life while in custody in Egypt.

The database is available in English and Arabic.




Sub-Saharan Africa

Collection type:

    • Documenting violations

Partner organisation

Committee for Justice (CfJ)


Data-driven advocacy is a far more effective method than old-school diplomacy as it is based on objective, verifiable facts.

— Justice Project Pakistan

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