Girls’ Human Rights Database

Powered in part by machine learning, this database is a collaboration between Plan International, HURIDOCS and fellows.


About the database

The Human Rights Database on Plan International’s Girls’ Rights Platform curates thousands of legally binding policies and international soft law from United Nations and regional bodies, covering a wide variety of human rights issues. It was developed by Plan International with support from HURIDOCS.

Find the information you need by doing a keyword search or by applying different filters such as document type or body. You can also search for, save and edit individual paragraphs, a feature aimed at policy makers who want to use existing language as a starting point for negotiating new recommendations and convention.

The database is available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.


Multiple countries



Collection type:

    • Document management

Partner organisation

Plan International


Data-driven advocacy is a far more effective method than old-school diplomacy as it is based on objective, verifiable facts.

— Justice Project Pakistan

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