The Cyberrights Research Initiative and Localised Legal Almanac (CYRILLA) offers its users what other legal databases do not offer – the lens of digital rights.


About the database

CYRILLA is an online database that compiles legislation, jurisprudence and analysis that touch on human rights in digitally networked spaces. It was developed with support from HURIDOCS by the CYRILLA Collaborative, an initiative of several organisations spearheaded by SMEX.

You can filter your searches by type of content, country, and a long list of several dozen keywords, such as freedom of expression, telecommunication, penal code, intellectual property, defamation, national security, and hate speech.

Entries are also linked to each other, so if a judicial decision cites a certain law, you’ll see the relationship spelled out.


Multiple countries



Collection type:

    • Case / complaints management
    • Document management

Partner organisation

CYRILLA Collaborative


Data-driven advocacy is a far more effective method than old-school diplomacy as it is based on objective, verifiable facts.

— Justice Project Pakistan

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